Creation of a modern office – is a challenge for all involved in the project, design in its minimalism and clear lines, driven to perfection. Today, modern office – is the highest level of technology, where the partitions are repeating lines derived arm of the architect in the wildest flights of his mind, and every chair – is the embodiment of the highest technological thought. An integral feature of the modern office – is the highest quality of implementation and product. Faram accepted this challenge a long ago and successfully meet it.

Faram S.p.A.

Brand “Faram” was founded in Italy in 1957. “Faram” is one of three world’s leading manufacturers of office partitions. Alongside with partitions “Faram” offers “complete package”: office furniture, storage system, office chairs and lighting.

“Faram” has 7 own factories in Italy, including metalworking full cycle plant with a line of powder coating, as well as factories in Spain and China. The company’s products meet the highest global technological and quality standards, along with modern design. “Faram” supplies to Europe and Russia only Italian made products.

Currently “Faram” has 24 representative offices in the world. In recent years, was realized more than 360 successful projects worldwide. More info about international projects see on www.faram.com

“Faram” features:

  • we are architectural / design-oriented company, working with projects of any complexity, including a high level of individual component;
  • we don’t have restrictions on the modular system of partitions, work stations could be solved with different step and individual size, as well as system of storages, etc. Thanks to our modular system to assembly our walls and furniture takes much less time than our competitors;
  • “Faram” ‘s strong point is “complete package” – a combination of partitions, furniture, storage system with equal stylistic decisions, finishing and additional abilities on price optimization;
  • high level professional designers work in all “Faram” offices, that allows to take an active part in working out projects together with architects of the leading architect bureaus, as well as to develop own projects;
  • the main technical solutions of the modern systems of partitions have been developed and patented by “Faram”. The main series of partitions P600 and P700 created more than 10 years ago and the company constantly improves them;
  • we offer a unique ratio of price and quality and strive to find the optimum solution for each customer;
  • “Faram” appreciates the careful attitude to the environment. In 2005 the company has been certified for compliance with environmental standards ISO-14001. Already at the design stage Company is considering the future of recycling products, continuously optimizing the set of natural materials for its products.


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